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Versão Dois Accounting is a company that is focused on results and the improvement of its clients’ performance. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

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Transforming accounting information into management tools for Brazilian companies is a great challenge, but it is absolutely necessary to increase competitiveness.

We use a modern control panel that transforms your accounting information into excellent management tools, providing a clear and effective view of your accounting data and its relevance in the decision-making process.

Improve your company’s performance with a broader and more analytical accounting approach. With our control panel, you will have online access to all the information necessary to improve your decision-making.

Increase your company’s performance with this broader and more analytical accounting approach. With the control panel, you will have online access to all the information to improve your decision-making.

Our quality department spares no efforts when it comes to modernizing standards and methods to keep up with our clients’ routines in real time, providing us with greater control of activities and minimizing the margin of error while maximizing results.

Facing this great challenge of keeping up with various ancillary obligations and considering the tangle of rules, norms, and variations by type of company, we invest in the most modern system on the market, developed specifically for this purpose.

In this way, we define our effectiveness and quality goals, monitor our activities in real time, and ensure full control of the execution of these activities for ourselves and error-free and surprise-free accounting for you.

Electronic document management (EDM) is also one of the pillars of our quality processes, because more than just storing documents, a good system aims to take care of the entire document flow of an organization.

We have invested in one of the best systems on the market that combines dynamism and robustness, completely eliminating the flow of physical documents in our company. Just like us, you will be able to access your documents on our platform from any period, at any time.

With the support of this online platform, all document management is done digitally in a simple and efficient way, eliminating the work expended on document organization, transportation costs, and the risks of loss, not to mention the accessibility to meet managerial and fiscal demands. All of this with no additional cost to your company.

Business Solutions

Our MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING services consist of the expertise of VERSÃO DOIS applied to traditional accounting services, but adding knowledge of our clients’ core business to enhance their success. Our structure converges to provide the services that are traditionally expected from an accounting firm, but with a differentiated quality in the market, serving a base of more than 350 clients in various sectors.
Paying taxes and fees in Brazil is a very relevant part of any company’s cost structure. Not only do we have an exorbitant tax burden, but we are also one of the worst countries when it comes to calculating and paying taxes correctly. Obviously, this scenario makes Tax Compliance a strategic tool. Having processes that ensure the payment of the correct taxes, at the correct deadlines, and without them being accidentally reduced or increased, is one of our great competitive advantages.
The need for medium-sized companies to seek greater productivity with the implementation of management software and more robust administrative processes while remaining flexible is notorious. With increasing market competitiveness demanding more and more from companies, one interesting option is for companies to focus their efforts on their core business by outsourcing support activities. To assist our clients in this endeavor, we have work processes and software with which we take on their back-office operations, in whole or in part, presenting operations with refined reports and activity control panels.
In addition to our exceptional corporate accounting services, we have significant expertise in accounting for political parties and candidates. It is a great challenge for us to transform electoral information into a management tool for improving the electoral process. We utilize efficient communication systems that provide greater security, streamline support to the legal sector during defense, and bring greater peace of mind to the candidate so they can focus on what matters most: their campaign.










It’s not a matter of quantifying, but of being attentive to the values that tell the story and speak for Versão Dois.

Main Segments

Healthcare professionals, in many cases, live in a gray area between working as individuals, keeping their accounting books, or opening a legal entity to concentrate their income. For these cases, a careful analysis and year-to-year simulation are necessary in order to minimize, within legal parameters, the taxes to be paid.

Without time to deal with administrative/accounting issues, these professionals need differentiated, specialized, and sensitive consultancy tailored to their needs, often even involving appointments outside of business hours.

We combine the competence and professionalism of our teams to deliver absolutely reliable financial statements on accounting facts, faithfully compliant with legal deadlines and parameters and widely recognized and praised by TRE’s technicians as a differentiated work from the standards of this sector.

Our operational results have also been praised by political parties. Therefore, we believe and hope that, for the good of our country, more and more visionary people will emerge in politics and seek to act with seriousness and transparency in their financial statements.

The electricity sector has been gathering strength over time in expanding production and commercialization.

The commercialization market has its own accounting and tax specificities and is subject to federal special regimes that can substantially change the way federal taxes are calculated. At the state level, it is subject to ICMS tax incidence, with each state imposing its own regulations.

This alone would make the tax and accounting dimensions of the sector complex enough, but we are actually dealing with an eccentric type of asset, significantly increasing the challenge in this area.

On the generation side, we have the electricity sector gathering strength over time in expanding the production of alternative energies, including solar energy for which Brazil has great potential.

Being a new segment in the economy and also due to the enormous level of demand and control by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency), this sector has great regulatory complexity. The recent promulgation of Law 14.300/22, better known as the legal framework for microgeneration and distributed mini-generation, brought a little more clarity to the segment, but it is still a sector where entrepreneurs need to be well advised.

For both segments (commercialization and generation), we have in common the need for absolute transparency in disclosing data and information about performance to a wide variety of stakeholders and users (Regulatory Agencies, shareholders, analysts, employees, consumers, national and international financial institutions, national and foreign investors, creditors and the general public), making Accounting in this sector absolutely strategic.

In our team and group of partners, we have professionals remaining from important players in this complex sector, which allows us to understand this complexity and act in a consultative manner for our clients.

Going beyond managerial accounting, we focus specifically on cost accounting, one of the most relevant topics when it comes to good strategic management organization.

No matter the size or specialty of your company, we can guarantee that the implementation of managerial accounting, including a focus on costs, is an essential factor for increasing your competitiveness.

It is necessary to carefully evaluate all the possibilities of a company based on its operation and ensure that decision-making is always geared towards growth and best practices.

The absence of a good cost accounting system brings a series of negative consequences, the main one being the compromise of the entire budgeting process of the company.

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, experience in handling accounting routines, cost calculation, taxes, and fees is essential.

Full of tax implications and labor details, this sector requires entrepreneurs to closely monitor all of their expenses, fixed and variable costs, and especially their inventory while increasing their revenues.

With quality accounting, you will achieve greater growth and asset tranquility with clarity in your numbers.

Pricing services is mostly based on the entrepreneur’s own feeling. Having the Income Statement of your company, whether you are self-employed or a legal entity, provides you with much more accuracy of your results and actions.

We have teams prepared to provide you with complete support in accounting, financial, tax and legal activities.

In civil construction, there are numerous possibilities for corporate organization, each with its own tax implications, including the possibility of a special tax regime.

For these entrepreneurs, having a specialized accounting team is essential because the regulatory environment of the sector is actually very complex, and misguided decisions due to ignorance can be costly.

Since 1997, with the creation of the Kyoto Protocol, aiming to define goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we have witnessed the maturing of the scenario in which Carbon Credits have become tradable assets with high liquidity.

In parallel with its evolution, we have been dealing with the obstacles of Brazilian tax legislation to the commercialization of this new asset, which still does not have adequate treatment by our legislation and does not fit well within the limits already defined for products or services.

With clients in this segment, our teams have had the opportunity to discuss these issues in-depth, propose solutions and paths, and together with qualified lawyers, explore the tax management of this new sector.

Executive Board

Financeiro e Qualidade

Mais de 30 anos em gestão de
negócios com reconhecimento,
inclusive internacional, pelos
seus projetos de reestruturação
financeira, crescimento e
sustentabilidade. Dedica-se
aos novos negócios, à parte
administrativa e no controle
de efetividade e qualidade
das operações, levando a
empresa a um patamar
elevado de atendimento.


A vasta experiência no planejamento e gestão tributária em empresas de portes variados, multinacionais e nacionais, torna a Rafaela um forte pilar das operações da Diretiva. Sua grande capacidade de liderança e gestão de equipes, aliada à sua qualidade técnica e inigualável carisma fazem parte do nosso diferencial competitivo.

Relacionamento com Clientes

Mais de 25 anos em gestão nos mais diversos segmentos, conquistou o reconhecimento por parte de clientes e parceiros por ser um profissional diferenciado e assertivo, alia um profundo conhecimento sobre a legislação tributária à dedicação e sensibilidade aos negócios e necessidades dos clientes.

A team formed by specialists, with broad experience, training and availability to help you make your business thrive.